VCB Stem Cell Program

Dr. Hirsh is one of the few Veterinarians in the Southeast that are certified to perform Stem Cell Therapy.

Dr. Hirsh has treated animals for over 2 years with over 90% dramatic improvement to his patients. The following conditions have been treated using Stem Cell Therapy:

  • Canine osteoarthritis - hip, elbow, knee and shoulder
  • Canine immune mediated polyarthritis
  • Tendon and Ligament injuries
  • Integration with surgical repair of joints or ligaments
  • Inflammatory GI disease in cats

Photos of Dr. Hirsh performing a Stem Cell Procedure

Pet Owners

Are you wondering if stem cell therapy is right for your pet? Dr. Hirsh is certified by Vet-Stem, the leading Veterinarian Stem Cell Therapy provider. If your pet has any of the following conditions Stem Cell Therapy may be beneficial:

  • Is not responding well or can not tolerate pain medication
  • Is not a good surgical candidate due to age or health
  • Has arthritis identified in one or more joints
  • Has immune mediated Polyarthritis
  • Is likely to need long term pain medications
  • Pet owner prefers a natural therapy

If you have any questions, please email us or call us at 404-841-9679 to schedule a Stem Cell consultation.

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