VCB Pharmacy

We stock a wide range of the best veterinary drugs in the animal health care field. Call in your prescriptions and refills to our pharmacist and your pet's medications will be ready when you get there.

We have a full line of Flea Preventative Medication for your dog or cat.

Veterinary Center of Buckhead will issue traditional written prescriptions for appropriate medications when deemed necessary and useful for treating or preventing disease. These prescriptions must be picked up in person at our location.

Veterinary Center Of Buckhead will not phone-in or fax prescriptions to mail order or Internet pharmacies. Many of these pharmacies are under investigation for prescription fraud and are operating illegally. Their respective manufacturers may not guarantee medications acquired from sources of distribution outside normal channels. Such is the case with heartworm preventatives such as Trifexis or Heartgard.

All medications purchased from Veterinary Center of Buckhead are fully guaranteed by their manufacturer if used appropriately.