Extra Care

With every bath your pet will get lots of love plus, nail trimming, ear cleaning, express anal glands (dogs only), and a dry warm towel. They will look super cute so we will send you a picture of your pet!

Dog Bathing

Dogs under 25 lbs - $25
Dogs over 25 lbs - $35

Cat Bathing

$25.00 per Cat

Hospital Stay

We provide a Post-Op care for all out patients. If your pet needs to stay longer, we have the state of the art facilities for short-term hospitalization. We will have a doctor on campus to monitor your pet and nurses to keep your pet comfortable during his stay.

Flea Treatment

If we notice your pet has fleas, we will notify you and consult with you about our VCB Flea Program. if you would like more information regarding fleas, please call us at 404-841-9679.